CTC Asia

Throughout the years CTC Far East Philippines, Inc. have specialized in both serving the local market in their sourcing for the right  products based on their specific needs and also serving foreign suppliers to realize entrance to the Philippine market. Our knowledge of the local market is based on years of experience in various fields, most of them being food-related. Specialization in food products and food-ingredients enabled us to become an active partner in the relation between suppliers and the market by focusing on our business  partners expectations.   

Further business developmental activities found its way to the natural dietary supplements market, which is a fast emerging market.  Together with this is our entry to the personal care market with a vital goal of bringing natural cosmetic ingredients concepts to the  industry. The efforts are centered towards  providing solutions for the purpose of promoting health, beauty and wellness.

CTC Far East Philippines, Inc. has certainly grown from being an ingredients sourcing company primarily for the food manufacturing  sector to one that serves the need areas in the Health, Beauty and Wellness. Our entry to the health, beauty and wellness bandwagon  has become a distinctive mark in our effort to bring this global trend to our local market.