Calcium and Minerals

Calcium and MineralsCalcium is necessary for building and maintaining bones and teeth. It also plays several roles in the physiological system. 

An inadequate calcium intake is associated with osteoporosis – a disorder of the skeleton in which bone strength is reduced, resulting in an increased risk of fracture. 

Magnesium helps break down food for energy, helps to control nerve function, muscle contraction, sleeping problems and stress. 

Iron is an essential ingredient of hemoglobin in red blood cells, helps body to fight infections. 

Zinc is essential to maintain healthy the immune system. It is needed for the function of more than 200 enzymes. It is proven effective on symptoms linked to cold. 

Manganese is a component of some enzymes in the body. It is needed for healthy skin, bone and cartilage formation. It is active in protein and energy production and it prevent osteoporosis. 

Copper is an important trace mineral for fetal growth. It helps prevent anemia. It is required for correct functioning of the immune system. 

  • Highly soluble Calcium Lactate Gluconate
  • Highly soluble Calcium Lactate Gluconate + Magnesium
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Calcium Lactate
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Magnesium Gluconate
  • Ferrous Gluconate
  • Potassium Gluconate
  • Manganese Gluconate
  • Copper Gluconate