Proteins are the primary component of numerous body tissues. They are the main component of muscle tissue.

Proteins help muscle development, increase strength, and improve athletic performance.

Proteins are multifunctional and can reduce the need for emulsifiers, stabilizers or structure-forming ingredients. The best opportunities for protein are where health, wellness and functionality overlap.


Soy protein is a complete protein and is the only plant protein that is equivalent to animal protein. The USDA evaluates protein quality using the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acids Score (PDCAAS), which measures the amino acid pattern of proteins and factors in digestibility. Soy protein has a PDCAAS score or 1.0, equivalent to animal protein.


Whey protein is a high quality protein powder from milk. Milk has two proteins: Casein (approximately 80%) and Whey Protein (approximately 20%). Whey protein is more soluble than casein and also has a higher quality rating. It is often referred to as the "Gold Standard" of protein as it is the most nutritious protein available.