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Dermosoft Decalact Sebum MB- "Your antibacterial solution to skin imperfections!"               


You might think that going on a two-month long break or working from home and being isolated will give you a healthy and acne-free skin. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There have been several studies which highlight the factors that could make your quarantine skin more prone to break-outs, not just on your face but also on your back.

  • PHYSIOLOGIC FACTORS (Sebum overproduction, P. Acne bacteria proliferation, Comedones, Inflammation)
  • DIET
  • IRRITANTS (alcohol, disinfectant spray and face mask)

 INTRODUCING…  Dermosoft® Decalact Sebum MB

Under the trade name Dermosoft®, Evonik Dr. Straetmans has developed a range of multifunctional antimicrobial actives which became a synonym for pioneering inventions that established market standards.

The Dermosoft® Decalact Sebum MB showed significant activity against P. Acne microorganisms, which can cause SKIN ACNE. The powerful combination with potent plant extracts makes this active ingredient a valuable natural alternative to control such skin disorders in a blemish prone, oily skin.

  • Natural multi-talented active ingredient blend
  • Tackles the signs of skin imperfections
  • Acts against several factors simultaneously
  • In-vivo proven efficacy
  • Mild to the skin
  • COSMOS approved
18 September 2020

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15 May 2020

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Dermosoft Decalact Sebum MB- "Your antibacterial solution to skin imperfections!"               

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