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It may seem like the terror of this pandemic has ease out as the major cities in Metro Manila opened their gates and resumed work operation, in reality, we’re still far beyond being Covid free! The mere reason why the restrictions were softened is to revive a dying economy and slowly move away from the pondering debts caused by this crisis. Though some may be field with uncertainty and fear over the unseen enemy, many are more concern in providing the needs of their families over the threat of this illness.

Thousands of people have lost their jobs and hundreds of establishments have closed for good. Everyone now is on a race against time and the main focus is to be able to get back on their feet and work double time to salvage the remaining thread of hope. Though the situation dictates that a brighter day ahead is still invisible, everyone’s mind is fixated to one factor- Earnings! CTC Group Philippines shares the same sentiment as a business unit but the safety and welfare of its employees supersede the needs to be back on full operation.

Since the enhance community quarantine (ECQ) started, CTC management has been actively addressing the needs of their employees in order to effectively and safely work from their homes. And despite the financial struggles of the company, it never ceases to deliver kindness to every single member of the CTC family. In return, everyone pays back with full respect and work dedication as the employees continue to deliver projects and close deals that help sustain the company’s finances.

As the event unfolds itself and everyone brace themselves to go back to the considerably new type of battlefield, we slowly exhale the fear and inhale the hope that things will work out just fine. And with undying faith that we are always protected by The Greatest Doctor, we take that first step to the realm of “the new normal” where we wear courage and resilience as our shield.

True to its core, change is the only constant thing. Little by little we’ll be able to accustom ourselves to the ever-dynamic status quo. And no matter how terrible the situation is, we can’t deny the fact that this also made us better in one way or another. Little did we know the more we protect ourselves from the virus, the more we became infected by goodness that made us little stronger, much kinder and more loving towards other people.

And as a Christian company, CTC Group Philippines humbly embraces the goodness and sufferings of this world while promising to uphold its mission of delivering innovative products to help improve the quality of life of everyone. So, no matter how clouded tomorrow maybe, we will continue to push through and rise as one team, one company, one CTC Group!
18 September 2020

OptiBiome Website for customer support in Latin America

CTC Group and Optibiotix launched the new OptiBiome website to support customers in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

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01 July 2020


Having the passion to be a sought-after provider of innovative ingredient

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18 June 2020


It may seem like the terror of this pandemic has ease out as the major cities in Metro Manila

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15 May 2020

Back Off, BAcne!

Dermosoft Decalact Sebum MB- "Your antibacterial solution to skin imperfections!"               

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