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We don't just change, we EVOLVE.

Known before as CTC Far East Philippines Inc., we are now CTCGroup Philippines

We have been operating in the Philippines since 1988 as an ingredients sourcing company primarily for food manufacturing industry, health, nutrition, beauty and personal care. Our mainline ingredients are dairy flavors, whey proteins and soy products. We also offer Cosmetics Specialty Ingredients which are organically and naturally derived Antioxidants, Multifunctional ingredients, Oil Components, Emulsifiers, Solubilisers, Hair Care and Herbal Spa Ingredients for the Cosmetics Industry.

As the dawn of the new era come, so are we. CTCGroup Phiippines now started tapping Finished Goods industry. Offering innovative, and fresh alternative products both for private and branded labels that has huge market potential.  

The approaches and innovations we take to our customer help them achieve their objectives relating to cost-saving, attainment of specific characteristics in product formulations, improvement of efficiency in processing, and value-adding in general.

In everything that we do, we make sure that we create value for you. 

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