CTCGroup Philippines: Certified PCPI member


CTCGroup Philippines takes pride of its years and expertise in the field of Health and Nutrition. And as it strives to do better and adapt to the constantly changing tides of consumers’ demand, CTC ventured into yet another exciting and competitive realm of Nutraceuticals.

Equipped with its vision of providing high quality products, CTC works tirelessly to establish its presence in the field of Nutraceutical. Though everyone’s effort is factored in, CTC believes that bigger steps and greater purpose will bring forth further success. And what is the best way to know the ease and complexity of this business other than to learn from the experts within the Philippine Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry Inc.  (PCPI).

PCPI stands as one cohesive group that opened the gateway for Filipino drug manufacturers and producers to be at par with its international competitors in terms of quality but affordable medicines. Through PCPI's collective efforts, it has designed strategies and programs that seek to achieve healthy Filipino citizenry and a thriving Filipino Pharmaceutical Industry.

And as a new and proud member of the “one and sole voice of the Filipino Pharmaceutical Industry”, CTCGroup Philippines pledge to give its full support to the organization and uphold its values and advocacies of being “the trusted global life science partner-provider of innovative product solutions for health and wellness.”