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We offer innovative and specialty ingredients for natural and traditional formulation for cosmetics and personal care products; our aim is to replace harmful ingredients to mild, safe and effective ingredients. In cooperation with our principals, our technical competency and driven team, we can support our partners from product conceptualization, claim substantiation, research and development.

Safe & Globally Accepted

To ensure the safety of cosmetic products, different countries employ different measures to achieve this goal. Having Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the main regulatory agency, the ultimate goal is to protect the consumer by ensuring safe ingredients and finished products. At CTC Group Philippines, we make sure that all our cosmetics raw materials are FDA compliant and are globally accepted.

Innovative Solutions

It is our ultimate goal to give you detailed information to keep you on the latest trends towards executing and selecting right formulation solutions.

Quality is Our Standard

We make sure that we are offering ingredients that will meet our partner’s specification, experience satisfaction and exceed expectations. We start with careful assessment ingredients through technical specifications to which our ingredients and services must conform.

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