Endless possibilities for Dairy.

Our strength is in dairy ingredients. Our product portfolio focuses on the development of dairy-based products that is concentrated and 100% natural. We provide the authentic taste experience for Milk, Butter, Cream, Sweet, Savory and especially Enzymes Modified Products. We can help startups to enhancing the texture, meltability, sliceability, mouthfeel and most important, its flavor. Let your product stand out on the freezer isle!


Enzyme Modified Flavors

Using high-quality natural cheeses and dairy ingredients, utilization of propriety fermentation, cultures, and enzyme treatment methods, we develop the distinct dairy flavor profiles.

Natural Flavors

We deliver authentic dairy flavors processed from high quality ingredients that are natural. We also have other clean label options to meet evolving consumer needs.

Dairy Proteins

  • Whey protein

            -The powerhouse ingredient that delivers function and nutrition to your product application.

  • Micellar Casein

            -Obtained by microfiltration of skim milk, it has very clean flavor profile and it improves viscosity, structure, texture of gel as well as foaming properties of different food products.

  • Colostrum

            -Very nutritious and contains high levels of antibodies that fight infections and bacteria.

  • Lactoferrin

            -An iron binding protein from milk with multiple functionalities for oral, topical and systemic applications.

  • Lactose

           -can be used as a sugar supplement and diluent to standardize the protein content on milk formula.

Stabilizer System

We develop custom made stabilizing system to various dairy application that can give your product the desired properties.