Functional ingredients for Meat and Seafood industry.

Still, the demand for meat and seafood consumption increases. Moreover, manufacturers provide the highest quality and most flavorful meat and seafood that also has a transparent and clean label. Whether your product is sold raw, marinated, or in a ready-to-eat meal, providing a quality product falls in the long list of food industry’s requirements.

We at CTC provide a full range of functional ingredients for meat and seafood industry. Our product line works for the structure, texture, binding, coating, yield, shelf-life improvement, taste and color of your product.



We will enhance the taste of your food products by using innovative and natural flavors, trending flavors or custom-made.

• Cheese and Dairy flavors

• Customized Flavors

• Flavor enhancers

• Spices such as Garlic Powder, Onion powder

• Meat Flavors

• Seafood Flavors

• Smoke Flavors

• Sweet flavors

• Vegetarian flavors


We offer solutions for the food processing industry. Together with our partners who are experts in field, our portfolio includes structure, texture, binding, coating, yield, improvement of shelf life, taste and color. Making your products more valuable in terms of economy, customer experience, quantity, product quality, process quality, consistency, (food) safety, reliability and appearance.

• Browning Agent

This is a specially formulated natural ingredient that gives a natural and uniform brown appearance to the surface of your ham, chicken, pork meat.

• Frikandel Mix

Is a meat binding product with a mellow spice ideal for chicken and meat balls.

• LIB20

Natural and multifunctional. It has a pH enhancing function and as a result it has a positive influence on the water retention properties of proteins. Use it in injection or tumbling.

• Micellar Casein

A natural replacer for Sodium Caseinate and Rennet Casein.

• Natural antioxidant

Mixed of tocopherols, clean label and cost effective.

• Rice Starch blend

Natural STPP replacer for marinades.

• Sodium Lactate Replacer

A natural antimicrobial ingredient that prolongs the shelf life of your meat products, with a hint of onion note.

• Stabilizing system

Natural food stabilizers and texture improvement product highly used by culinarians.

• Whey Protein Concentrate

Natural and organic carrot fibers, psyllium fibers or mixed of vegetable fibers, insoluble or soluble.

• Vegetable fibers

A dry dairy ingredient useful in a variety of meat and surimi applications.

Meat and Seafood PORTFOLIO