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We are more than ingredients

“Moving towards a healthier planet, and healthier people”, that’s our commitment. We promote clean label ingredients portfolio. From natural to organic specialties focusing on taste solutions and advancement of the emerging functional ingredients to food, beverage and health & medical nutrition industries. Being more than 25 years as an ingredients provider, we make way for difference.

Create & Innovate

We encourage you to imagine the possibilities. Equipped with in-house laboratory/test kitchen, let’s work side by side in ideation, prototyping, product development and market insights review. Want to launch a new product? We can start now and create value to your product.

Global Standard

We’ve partnered with suppliers and producers who are internationally recognized as having set global standards for excellence, sealed with regulatory and health certifications. Trust that this exclusive partnership will yield total quality care which is responsive, dependable and consistent to deliver the best.

Best Value

Because your success is our success! We go extra mile to serve your needs beyond quality, safety and sustainability. Let us fulfill our purpose to be more than just your ingredients supplier but trusted brand partner

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