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ImmuneTalk 2020 Functional food as a major contributor to a stronger and healthier Filipino consumer.
With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines, CTC has decided to shift the on-ground coffee talk session to a digital webinar format that aims to present functional food ingredients to food, beverage and nutraceutical companies. The spotlight was all about the challenges and improvements that must be done to manage the immune health of Filipino consumers.

Last June 2020, we highlighted 3 functional ingredients which gained attention to the health and nutrition industry.

   a. “WELLBIOME” from Optibiotix Health PLC. UK Using OptiBiotix's unique microbiome modulation science, as well as patented formulation of natural ingredients identified and developed by leading specialists in metabolism and nutrition. It has been demonstrated to help reduce body weight while accelerating and aiding the sustainability of weight management. It maintains gut microbiome diversity which has been associated with healthy weight maintenance.

b. “LAC SHIELD” (Lactobacillus paracaseii MCC1849) from Morinaga Nutritional Food ASIA PACIFIC Selected from thousand strains in Morinaga Japan culture collection under the keyword of "strengthening the immune system". Since Morinaga succeeded to develop heat-killed strain with clinical efficacies, LAC-Shield is expected to be used in various applications such as confectionery, beverage and many other types of food which regular live bacteria could not be used.

c. “NUTRAGAMAX” from Entera Health USA Made of concentrated levels of naturally derived serum proteins. The same serum proteins can be regularly found in food and nutritional products, like milk and bovine colostrum. It offers digestive support which highlights the IgG and amino acid level which are beneficial proteins needed for a healthy metabolism.

Frequently asked questions such as manufacturing process, stability, various applications, regulatory standpoint, claims and product movement in other markets made the webinar interactive and engaging.

Food, beverage and nutraceutical companies who participated in the webinar are now halfway through product development as they craft a new brand and reinforce the existing brands using these 3 functional ingredients.

Join our cause in promoting functional food in the Philippines! Talk to one of our account managers to know more information.
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ImmuneTalk 2020

ImmuneTalk 2020 Functional food as a major contributor to a stronger and healthier Filipino consumer.

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