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CTC Group and Optibiotix launched the new OptiBiome website to support customers in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

The website details in Spanish information on how OptiBiome provides a science-backed approach to weight management and how it supports a healthy gut and microbiome. Alongside a wealth of information, there is also a short video on the EFSA-approved product’s benefits, as well as the importance of functional foods in our diet.

Containing a blend of non-digestible prebiotics, dietary fibers, and a trace mineral, OptiBiome promotes the feeling of a longer-lasting fullness with its tri-mechanism approach. Backed by strong scientific principles, the weight management ingredient gently expands in the stomach and delays gastric emptying. In addition, it stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria and enhances the body’s use of insulin, further supporting the effective metabolic breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including snack bars, dairy products, shakes and meal replacements, OptiBiome is an award-winning ingredient that’s scientifically proven to help manage weight.

Dr. Lars O. Wiemann, Chief Scientific Officer at CTC International added “Overweight and obesity are among the top global health issues that significantly increase risks such as diabetes type II and cardiovascular disease. CTC continues to actively support the food industry by developing healthier products and is excited to collaborate with OptiBiotix in bringing to Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala, the unique and patented OptiBiome. We are very happy to present in these countries, this award-winning product which is backed by strong scientific principles and has shown its weight management effectiveness in human intervention studies.

Andrés Cárdenas De Greiff, Country Manager at CTC Colombia: “The arrival of OptiBiome to our region is very positive. The science behind this product has been the key to its success worldwide and is completely in line with our strategy of offering healthy products. We are very happy to offer this innovation to our customers ”.

To visit the new website, please navigate to www.optibiome.co
29 March 2021

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25 March 2021

AE Chemie Vegan Mask

The Self-foaming concept that highlights the MULTI-SENSORY OXYGENATION OF SKIN & SCALP.
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25 March 2021

AE Chemie Clay Mask

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18 September 2020

OptiBiome Website for customer support in Latin America

CTC Group and Optibiotix launched the new OptiBiome website to support customers in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

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